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Can I use salad dressing (such as Miracle Whip) instead of mayonnaise?


NO! While Miracle Whip is a wonderful product, it is a salad dressing and it will not blend well with our dips. You must use mayonnaise. (see next question please)


I don't like mayonnaise. What else can I use?


If you simply use sour cream, it isn't going to taste the same way that it does when you sample it at one of the shows. You can use a combination of sour cream and cream cheese. The dips will be thicker, but the taste will be wonderful.


Many customers tell us they also use soy products to make the dips.


Can I make the dips low fat or fat free?


Yes!  However, there is one caution.  Anything that is spicy will get hotter if you use low fat and hotterhotter if you use fat free. Fat in food cuts the heat, so if you reduce the fat, the intensity of the spice increases.


Some people tell us they don't like the aftertaste of light mayonnaise. A good option is to use regular mayonnaise, and fat free sour cream. You won't get the aftertaste!


Do you recommend any brand of mayonnaise, sour cream or cream cheese?


Different brands of sour cream and cream cheese don't really seem to make a difference in the taste.


Mayonnaise doesn't really either, however you will see a difference in the thickness of the dip. Hellman's will give you a nice thick dip. Store brands frequently are much thinner, and you will see that reflected in the consistency.


Why do your dip samples at the shows taste better than when I make it?


Sometimes people forget and use salad dressing instead of mayonnaise.  


The biggest reason is that when you make it, you want to eat it right away! These blends have to chill and rest in order for the sour cream and mayonnaise to absorb the flavor of the herbs. The chunkier the blend, the more time it needs. They must sit at least an hour before serving. Overnight is always better.


Do any of your products contain MSG?


No! No MSG, nor any other flavor enhancers.


How long do the packages last?


Most of our blends have no expiration date. After a couple of years they will lose some of their intensity, (don't we all as we age?) but they are still good to use. You may want to let them sit longer before you serve them.


The items that have cheese powder in them, (Bacon Cheddar, Horseradish Cheddar, Farmhouse Ranch and Chipotle Ranch) are good for 6-9 months.


How do I store the packages?


Some people keep the packs in the refrigerator or freezer, however that isn't necessary. There are a few disclaimers here though.


Fruit dips: Apple and Pumpkin have spices in them that will bleed through to the other packs. Strawberry and Raspberry can easily absorb other flavors. For that reason, we recommend storing fruits alone. Rule of thumb: brown fruits live alone (apple and pumpkin), and pink fruits live alone (strawberry and raspberry).


What can I serve with the dip mixes?


You can use chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, scoops, veggies, crackers, chicken strips. Use the dips as a pizza dip!


What can I serve with the spreads?


You can use crackers (Wheatables are great) or bagels. The spreads are also great to use on different types of sandwiches. Spread some in celery for a vegetable tray. The only limits are your imagination!


What can I use the fruit dips for?


The strawberry and raspberry are great fruit dips. The apple is great to dip with apple slices. The pumpkin is great with ginger snaps or spice cookies.


You can frost a cake with them, as well as fill a pie shell.  They are great with graham cracker sticks, graham crackers, animal crackers, or any kind of sweet cookie, such as Vanilla Wafers or Lorna Doones.


You can also use the fruit dips on pancakes or french toast!


Just remember, when using the fruit blends for anything other than a fruit dip, omit the water when mixing. This will make them nice and thick.


How much do the packages make in the Sampler Packs?


All of the dips and spreads in the Sampler Packs (Heartland Herbs Dip Sampler, Party Pack, Garlic Lovers and Hot Stuff) are half sizes of the individual packages.


Are your herbs organic?


No, not at this time.


Are any of your blends medicinal?


Not in the least. However, they are great to cook with (see recipe section). You can add quite a lot of flavor to food with our blends.


The only medicinal benefit is this: When you have had a bad day at work and your stress level is high, grab a spoon and one of the cheesecake dips.  You will definitely feel better!


Are your pottery bowls food safe?


All of our pottery bowls are food safe, and handcrafted here in Ohio. They are microwave and dishwasher safe as well.


What are shipping methods and costs?


Our prices include shipping.  Shipping is normally done through the USPS. During the holiday season any gift items will be sent Priority Mail or UPS.


Why do you have a $15.00 minimum?


In 2007, the USPS changed rates on envelopes that are not a standard thickness. As a result, every envelope of our blends shipped is considered a package. Postage rates increased 50-100% because of this.


Do you do expedited shipping?


If you need something shipped overnight or faster than normal, please contact us directly at 614.885.9000. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy, however there will be additional charges for shipping. We do not make money on shipping, we only charge you what we are charged.


Are there quantity discounts?


If you are ordering a dozen or more dips, multiple Sampler packs, or bowls shipped to the same address, please contact us at 614.885.9000. We will do our best to reduce your costs.


Do you do special packaging?


Yes! For fund raisers, wedding or shower favors, baby showers, quantity gifts during the holidays, or any other time you need quantity gifts, we will design your package.  See the fundraising section.  Contact us at 614.885.9000 for additional information